Close-Up Sleight-of-Hand Magic

One of the most important factors in creating a really special event is to make sure your guests start having fun right away. This is where Todd’s award winning sleight-of-hand magic comes in. This type of magic sets the magical mood at a social hour, cocktail party, hospitality suite, a banquet or even in your home. It is perfect for any type of event where the entertainment should not distract from the main event. Just sit back and watch as Todd entertains amongst your guests, performing amazing magic right in your guests very own hands.

Todd makes magic happen with cards, coins, fire, money, cell phones, finger rings, even an hourglass. Rabbits appear, disappear and multiply. One dollar bills visually change into Hundreds! A regulation 8-Ball appears and then vanishes into thin air! A deck of cards vanishes… while you are holding them! And you have GOT to see his famous cell phone trick! This is all delivered with Todd’s hilarious comedic style. It’s not long before the room is bubbling with laughter and applause!


Phone: (816) 820-6190